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Spend your time

Are you trapped in the details of your business and don’t have the time to do what you love?

Is there so much work that needs to be done that it’s leaving you stressed and overwhelmed?

Ready for someone to do the “techie savvy stuff” so you can focus on your amazing skills and grow your business and income?

I am here to help, make your life easier and more profitable!

Nice to meet you!

I'm Marivic

Your Future virtual assistant!

As a previously grade school teacher and a highly motivated virtual assistant, My job is to help online business owners focus on their passions. I enjoy techy things, but I totally get the overwhelm that can come with running your own business and handling clients. Some days, you just need someone to talk to about your business, where it’s going, how it should be organized. I’ll help you set up business workflows so you can get the most out of trying to get it all! Get the help that you need! Start spending your time doing what you do best and leave the rest to me!

Know more about me?

I am here to help save your time, energy and money. I am very dedicated to helping you run and grow your business.

Let's work together!

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Web Design and Video Editing
  • Fimora Video Editng
  • WordPress Web Design
  • Click Funnel Creation

Do you need a custom website that is functional, mobile friendly and easy to navigate . Working closely with you to ensure that the typography, images and colour schemes used for your new web design reflect your business and brand, and effectively communicate your message accurately and successfully to your target audience. 

Virtual Assistance
  • Lead Generation
  • Real State VA
  • E-Commerce VA
  •  Automation
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Administratiive task to run your business efficiently including documentation and research. Whether you are just starting your business and looking for your first client, or established with a solid roster of clients, live events are a great way to grow your business.  Have an experienced Virtual Assistant help create your online event.   

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Social Media Management
  • Content Marketing
  • Facebook Marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Facebook Ads
  • Chatbot

If you want to build strong customer relationships, it’s important to have an effective tool to communicate with the people who matter most to your business. Social networks are part of our life now it gives you the ability to stay in front of people and keep them engaged with your business. 

why work with me?

Resourceful and Proactive

I well be your virtual assistant who simply goes through your checklist without truly investing time in producing quality work or putting in extra effort. The whole point of employing the help of a VA is to have a helping hand to carry out assigned tasks, find solutions, and solve issues that may arise with clients.

Able to Work Well Under Pressure

Keeping a good schedule, knowing what to prioritize, and working efficiently. I am excel in multitasking like have multiple projects or tasks on my plate and I must be able to stay organized, keep things moving forward, and juggle multiple clients without breaking a sweat.

Contributing to Business Growth

I am a virtual assistant that is truly dedicated on my job and I will ultimately help your business grow. I should always be clear on deadlines, each other’s availability, the frequency of updates, and when and how the updates are to be delivered. I can contribute to you profitability with the right skill sets.

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

Steve Jobs

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